Highlands Community Learning Center

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Mission Statement

The Highland Community Learning Center will prepare students for the successful pursuit of higher education or employment in the field of their choice.

The Vision

The Highland Community Learning Center will be the premier educational institute, preparing students to meet and exceed expectations for business and industry today and into the future.

At Highland, we want to keep students from becoming disengaged and dropping out of school while providing them with the opportunities for college and careers.

At Highland Community Learning Center, we boast small class sizes, and have highly qualified staff members who specialize in dealing with inconsistencies in behavior. Our academic program is uniquely designed for each student. Students participate in classroom small group instruction with licensed teachers, interact with the curriculum through a technology component that is integrated into their classes, and receive one-on-one instruction on a weekly basis. We specialize in credit recovery, and can assist students in graduating in a timely manner who may have been unsuccessful in previous placements. 

Our goal is to create productive members of society by implementing such programs as technology, life skills, and financial literacy. These programs encourage students to interact with the community through community service opportunities. Students have the opportunity to earn a high school diploma through Highland Community Learning Center, which is their gateway to success. Staff at Highland Community Learning Center assist students in determining the most appropriate steps after completing our program. Students who are eligible are encouraged to apply to Columbus State University, local career technical programs, or other applicable programs.

At Highland Community Learning Center, we offer counseling services through Boundless. Beginning next school year (2018-19), behavior specialists will be placed in each classroom to assist the classroom teacher in reinforcing positive behaviors and preparing students for life after high school.