Highlands Community Learning Center

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Our Commitment

It is our goal to provide each of our students with the resources necessary to both formulate and achieve their goals. We recognize that each student learns at a different pace and through different means, and our professional team of educators is committed to working together to provide our students with the best possible tools for success.

Our Staff

Dr. William McKinney
School Director
Email: McKinneyB@hclc.us

Sean Sweeney
Middle and High School Principal
Email: SweeneyS@hclc.us

Mary Ann Gonzalez

Administrative Secretary

Email: GonzalezM@hclc.us

Bradley Fisher

Intervention Specialist

Email: Fisherb@hclc.us

Mackensie Park


Email: ParkM@hclc.us

Will Seger


Email: Segerw@hclc.us

Mark Cremeans
Teaching Assistant
Email: CremeansM@hclc.us

Stephen McKinney
Email: MckinneyS@hclc.us

Keri Howard
Transportation Coordinator

Email: HowardK@hclc.us

Bryanna McGowan

Intervention Specialist

Email: McGowanB@hclc.us

Kimberly Flanders


Email: Flandersk@hclc.us

Catherine Sarge
Email: SargeC@hclc.us

Stacy Smith

Behavior Therapist

Email: Smiths@hclc.us

Amanda Tompkins
Scholarship Coordinator 
Email: TompkinsA@hclc.us

Kristen Allardice
Elementary Principal

Nick Dearing
Email: DearingN@hclc.us

Marcy McKinney

Intervention Specialist

Email: MckinneyM@hclc.us

Catherine Schoenlein

Intervention Specialist
Email: Schoenleinc@hclc.us

Freddie Brown
Teaching Assistant
Email: BrownF@hclc.us